Travel management processes are customised to the company's needs. Between different enterprises, they often differ in minor details - basic procedures are often similar and therefore comparable. Many companies execute manual activities to manage business trips. There are lots of media breaks due to different systems and a great need for coordination. There is neither an integrated, continuous workflow nor flexible rules and guidelines or automated work sequences.

Companies face increasing costs for business trips as well as those for travel management and react with cost cutting and saving measures. However, working on the cost side only brings short-term relief and does not present an adequate and future-focused measure. The focus lies on optimising all internal administrative and service processes. This leads to improved purchasing conditions and reduces purchase prices in negotiations with service providers (e.g. airlines, hotels, railway). It also results in stricter compliance with and control of the prescribed travel guidelines.

Numiga has analysed the entire travel management process including all individual processes. For example, travel request, booking and billing – with respect to potential for optimisation and best practise recommendations. Learn from our experiences and optimise your travel management sustainably.