Numiga Audit gives you the option of transferring the entire processing of your travel expense accounting to us, including recording. In Numiga Audit, you can choose to send us your travel expense receipts or you can record them online by yourself.

Numiga Audit – The right service for you!

Numiga Audit guarantees you correct and reliable travel expense accounting. Either you send us all documents, or record your travel online and send us the receipts. We review them and generate your travel expense accounting as well as the accounting records. On request, we reimburse the travel costs directly to the traveller.

Travel expense accounting with Numiga Audit

Capture your expense report online and receive quicker reimbursement. With our clearly arranged web-form you can enter or edit your travel information and record your expense receipts. The initial audit and calculation of the travel costs will be done online and give you an immediate overview of the costs to be reimbursed. Our experts check if your travel expense claim is conformable to the national legal and fiscal regulations. On request, we will provide an approval process for your accounting.

Numiga Audit can pay the travel expenses directly to the travelling employee and supply your ERP system with the matching accounting records for financial book-keeping and if necessary for your salary and wage payroll system. With Numiga Audit you save valuable time and resources.

Your advantages at a glance

Numiga Audit

  • Individual service
  • Personal, reliable contact
  • Direct recording and processing of travel expense accounting at all times
  • Forms for recording expenses online and offline
  • Professional and reliable audit process
  • Interface files for simplified and correct book keeping
  • Payout directly to the traveller

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Recording With Numiga Audit, travel expense accounting can be recorded by the traveller or an assistant. This proceeds either online via a web-form or offline with the help of proscribed forms. On request, Numiga employees will take over the recording of travel expense accounting for the traveller.

Auditing Travel expense accounting is audited by experienced Numiga employees – if necessary, even before the approval process starts. Our experts for Numiga Audit are specialised in the field of travel expense accounting, bookkeeping as well as legal and/or fiscal regulations.

Payout Numiga can, after submission of a corresponding payment file to the bank, pay the travel expenses directly to travellers. Alternatively, we send you standard interface files to perform the payout yourself. This takes the load off your bookkeeping and the traveller receives reimbursement for his travel costs as quickly as possible.

Booking We offer you accounting and payroll interface files in different standard file formats for booking travel expense accounting. Naturally we also develop individual interfaces according to your wishes.

VAT Reclaim

Reduce your business travel costs and recover the VAT (Value Added Tax) paid in other European countries.  

Our experts will assist you. We offer you full-service, so that you reclaim the maximum amount of your VAT.

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