With Numiga Comfort and Numiga NET, you can start immediately. Select the “bag solution” Numiga Comfort to send all travel documents and receipts in a padded envelope. Numiga will take care of the accounting. If you choose Numiga NET, you record and edit your travel dates online.

Numiga Comfort or Numiga NET – The right solution for you!

Numiga Comfort is the right solution if you prefer an easy and efficient travel expense accounting. Simply submit all your business trip receipts to Numiga for processing the accounting.

Numiga NET is the right solution if you wish to organize your travel expense accounting online. With Numiga NET, you get an intuitively operated, reliable and streamlined system.

Travel expense accounting with Numiga Comfort or Numiga NET

Numiga Comfort is an easy-to-use, reliable solution. With this “bag solution”, you mail all travel receipts directly to us. We take on recording, auditing and accounting – securely and quickly.

Alternatively, you select the web-solution Numiga NET. Here you take care of recording and editing your business travel expense accounting on your own - either wholly or partially. Our user-friendly online-system has been shaped by many years of experience gathered by our accounting specialists, along with feedback from our customers.

With the help of an integrated workflow, Numiga NET will guide you securely and reliably through all necessary process steps. This starts with the recording of your data. Audits of logic and content prevent errors from the get-go, even with respect to compliance with your specific company guidelines. Numiga NET also realises various approval and audit processes.

With both solutions, Numiga takes on the content-based, professional and fiscal audits for your company. We take care of the subsequent accounting and generate all necessary interfaces. At your request we also initiate direct payout of the travel costs to the traveller through the respective credit institute.

Your advantages at a glance

Numiga Comfort

  • Immediate availability and no investments in software and hardware
  • Travellers can concentrate on what’s important
  • Billing is always correct – for the traveller and for the company

Numiga NET

  • Direct online-recording and processing of travel expense accounting at any time
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use web interface
  • Preview of travel expense accounting and reimbursement
  • Setup of various approval and auditing processes
  • Automatic email notification in case of approval and/or denial
  • Digital online-receipt archive

Numiga Comfort & NET

  • Personal, reliable contact
  • Customised travel and receipt types as well as guidelines
  • Currency exchange rates updated daily
  • Processing of credit card transactions (company card and corporate card)
  • Total cost and individual cost distribution to cost centres and cost carriers
  • Compliance with legal and company-specific tax regulations through corresponding rules
  • Recording and processing the travel expense accounting is possible at any time
  • Secure and reliable auditing process
  • Interface files for simplified and correct bookkeeping
  • Optional payout directly to the traveller

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Numiga Comfort

Comfort Numiga Comfort leads to complete independence of technical systems and programs. Send us your travel expense accounting any time from anywhere. We take care of all the work for your travel expense accounting – the simplest and easiest solution for you!

Recording Numiga records all travel expense accounting data for you. Just send all of your documents and receipts to us.

Security We take on all audits – content-based, professional and fiscal –, settle all billing and payout the travel expenses directly to the traveller. Furthermore, Numiga provides all interfaces. We consider all legal and fiscal regulations in processing and accounting. This assures that your travel expense accounting is always accurate and correct.

Numiga NET

Ease of use With Numiga NET you get a web-based solution for recording and billing your travel costs. You can access at all times and from anywhere. The program is easily and intuitively operated. Users are guided by a workflow that provides company specific guidelines as well as expense and discount rates.

Recording and processing Travellers or assistants use a web form to record the travel expense accounting. They enter travel data and expense receipts and make deductions. If necessary, the trip itinerary can be changed as well. While data is being entered, the system performs plausibility tests. This prevents errors from the get-go and takes compliance with specific company regulations (guidelines) into account. Alternatively, travellers record only key data for their trip. Numiga completes the accounting based on the receipts they send us.

Approval If your travel guidelines provide an approval process, a corresponding online approval process will be set up. The traveller records all receipts collected during the trip in Numiga NET - so the approver sees and can approve all (travel) expenses for the traveller. Travel expense billing can be completely approved or rejected. Additionally, the approver can comment on the travel expense billing for the auditor or the traveller. A simple and streamlined email workflow controls the approval process.

Depending on whether the entire process provides for approval and/or auditing, different e-mail workflows are used:

  • No audit procedure (standard, approving party only)
  • Audit procedure 1 (approving party to auditor)
  • Audit procedure 2 (auditor to approving party)
  • Audit procedure 3 (traveller to auditor)

Properties Travel cost request forms automatically transfer to a travel expense account after approval. Save time with templates for billing repeating trips and combining various single trips into a collective trip. For recording single trips of the same type you can use the rapid recording tool “Numiga QuickTrip”. Additionally, pure receipt accounting statements can be generated.

Security We take on all audits – content-based, professional and fiscal – making sure that your travel expense accounting is always accurate and correct. You take care of the entire accounting and pay the travel costs directly to the traveller. Furthermore, Numiga supplies all interfaces.

VAT Reclaim

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Our experts will assist you. We offer you full-service, so that you reclaim the maximum amount of your VAT.

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