Requirements for travel management and the legislation on travel expenses - national and international - are more complex and demanding than ever. To develop and implement strategies and feasable solutions it takes founded expertise, extensive research and development. Hours that are hardly available in the hectic activity of day-to-day business.

Our efficient consultants obtain the information, structure complex projects, identify significant problem areas and prepare them in a comprehensible fashion. This allows you to realise advantages in travel management quickly and directly.

Numiga Consulting – The right service for you!

Very cost-effective and efficient if there is no corresponding expertise in your company or if you want to profit from our best practise solutions. We support you to recognise and exploit improvements in your travel management. Benefit from following services:

  • Data and process analysis to select matching services and solutions.
  • Design efficient business travel processes that reduce operative costs.
  • Optimise travel guidelines and develop training concepts for your employees.
  • Take on and track all implementing measures with systematic procedures.

Process optimisation with Numiga Consulting

Numiga Consulting supports you in all phases and topics concerning billing travel costs and travel management.

Based upon your requirements we recommend optimal system solutions and appropriate services - whether you introduct a new system or migrate one. We also find out if additional features and modules are feasible and can be integrated in your existing systems landscapes. This includes detailed specification of all requirements, development of alternative solutions and executing profitability analyses. Together we design optimal, reliable and future-oriented processes and develop best practise solutions.

Numiga analyses the booking and travel habits of your employees and derives KPIs (key performance indicators). This enables you to identify changes and needs for action. Furthermore, the analysis helps to optimise purchase management (e.g. flights, rental cars, hotels) and travel guidelines (e.g. categories for flights, rental cars, hotels, expense limits). This is how you sustainably reduce your costs for business travel.

In pre-project workshops or workshops held during the project, we define and draft the optimal travel process, present system solutions and evaluate these. While working with your departments, we coordinate all data and information for introducing a system and share them with you.

We support change processes in travel management and travel expense accounting in your company using the TOC-method (Technology, Organisation, Communication). This is a proven change management procedure developed by Numiga. It considerably optimises implementation and operational security. Using the TOC-method, subjects relating to systems (technology) and processes (organisation) as well as internal and external interfaces (communication) are handled.

For implementation management, you can manage all measures on your own or with the help of our systematic procedures. We offer you a tested, extensive implementation manual that describes all steps for introducing a system.

We accompany system introductions or new regulations on the basis of changed legal and fiscal framing conditions with general and/or special trainings. Our experienced experts conduct them, using their well-grounded knowledge in the fields of travel expense accounting, bookkeeping and legal and/or fiscal regulations.

Your advantages at a glance

Numiga Consulting

  • Individual service
  • Personal, reliable contact
  • Practice-oriented specialists with long lasting project and method experience
  • Expertise in tax law on travel expenses, fiscal law and bookkeeping
  • Software- and system-independent consulting and project management
  • Best practice solutions
  • Methodical and systematic models of procedure
  • Professional project and implementation management
  • Cost savings through rapid and on-time project completion
  • Workflow modelling for smart and automated work processes
  • Cost reduction through improved purchasing management and optimised travel guidelines
  • Introduction of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to recognise changes and action needs
  • Optimised travel management controlling through intelligent reporting
  • User trainings and workshops by Numiga experts

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Numiga Consulting is a complementary service: it supports you in selecting and implementing the right solutions and appropriate services. Our methodical and systematical procedures make your project work easier.

System selection After the analysis your requirements, we develop optimal solution proposals and fitting services - all based on your existing infrastructure and your budgets. Along with that, we assess the feasibility of individual, supplemental sub-modules or added features. This includes the evaluation of alternatives, SWOT-analysis, cost/benefits analysis, profitability calculations (Break Even) as well as management recommendations.

Workflow Modelling Based on your existing work processes and requirements, we jointly define sustainable, optimal processes. We consider smart procedures, innovative technologies and the best possible integration in your system environment as well as your partner's. The created workflow will be transparent, consistent, comprehensible, sucure and as automated as possible, free of redundant inputs or data and with few interfaces.

Data analysis Numiga Consulting analyses travel bookings and billing data of your employees to reduce your costs for journeys and travel management. Based on the analysed results, we generate key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs help you to verify your travel budget, check compliance of travel guidelines and promptly recognise deviations and actions needed.

Analyses and KPIs have an influence on:

  • Purchasing Management: You receive comprehensive and well-founded information which provides you with a good starting point for negotiating, e.g. for prize conditions of flights, rental cars, hotels. This enables you to optimise your Purchasing Management.
  • Travel guidelines – strategy and control: Based on the results of the analyses, you can define and draft your travel guideline and review or optimise compliance with your rules.

Change Management Our experienced consultants will support you in all questions, tasks and processes concerning your change management. Numiga carefully plans all changes and works with you to implement them into your system.

We have developed the TOC-method (Technology, Organisation and Communication) for simplifying the change processes in the area of travel management and travel expense accounting. TOC covers the entire process of change management. Along with the systems (technology) and processes (organisation) we also take internal and external interfaces (communication) into account. Our experienced and reliable change management experts will introduce you to the TOC-method and monitor the entire change management process.

Project and Implementation Management Numiga carries out the implementation of your projects and/or the implementation of systems or supports you in this process. A general guideline for implementation (manual) accompanies the system introduction. It can also be used as a checklist.

Additionally we offer other forms and documents, e.g. for recording a wide variety of data, for planning and monitoring assignments or for project controlling. With this systematic procedure we reliably support the complete implementation process in your company. You achieve clear, smooth and successful project realisation and/or implementation. Last but not least you realise cost savings along with the system and process advantages more quickly and for the longer term.

Consulting (general) Get professional advice for additional travel management and travel expense accounting topics: Numiga is your reliable partner, e.g. to select the right credit card provider, analyse options for optical receipt archiving, demonstrate how to recover VAT collected abroad or optimise your travel guideline.

Workshops Book Numiga's workshops for project preparation and/or project supporting. During our trainings, we identify the status quo in your company, take up (new) requirements and present system alternatives. Jointly, we define processes, develop process solutions, determine the data need and decide on a way forward. Experienced practitioners with expertise in the area of travel expense accounting, bookkeeping and fiscal law lead your workshop.

VAT Reclaim

Reduce your business travel costs and recover the VAT (Value Added Tax) paid in other European countries.  

Our experts will assist you. We offer you full-service, so that you reclaim the maximum amount of your VAT.

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