The implementation method TOC (Technology-Organisation-Communication) accompanies all change processes for travel management and travel expense accounting in your company. It assures a systematic, planned progress in change management, allowing your company to considerably optimise implementation and operational security.

If new services are introduced and/or products and process solutions are implemented, established rules and work procedures are often affected, called into question, modified or abolished. Changes in processes, approaches and interfaces, new technical media and systems, restructuring, etc. change the accustomed, trusted status.

Possible negative reactions from employees are risk factors for a successful implementation.The tension between changes stemming from new products and old habits and the associated expectations, fears and emotional aspects are resolved through the TOC-method. Changes are carefully planned and introduced to your system – involving all organisational units. This assures that all processes are optimally implemented and operated successfully over the long term.

With TOC, projects can be implemented in the areas of systems (technology), processes (organisation) as well as internal and external interfaces (communication). Numiga solves all technical problems, prepares an optimal process organisation and involves employees and external partners. Bring your projects to successful fruition with Numiga TOC.