With Numiga Managed Service, we provide the option of transferring the entire processing of your travel expense accounting to us. We take care of supply, maintenance and administration of the systems and our user help desk employees will support travellers in all inquiries concerning the travel expense accounting process.

Numiga Managed Service – The right service for you!

Numiga Managed Service means travel expense processing and systems from a single source. We take care of your travel management (TM) and provide the entire technical infrastructure, provide ongoing system operations as well as the necessary updates.

Numiga audits and generates travel expense accounting as well as accounting records. Our reporting makes it possible for you to monitor the entire TM process and our user help desk supports you with any questions. Numiga Managed Service guarantees an efficient and “State-of-the-Art” travel management process.

Travel expense accounting with Numiga Managed Service

Numiga Managed Service offers an all-around service for national and international travel expense accounting. Numiga provides the technical and professional handling of your travel management processes in an integrated system environment. You generate your travel expense accounting online or mobile and we reliably take over the entire remaining processing.

If the system is fully integrated, the travel booking data for your travel expense accounting will be available automatically after the trip. Numiga records additional receipts and generates the travel expense accounting. An approval process for your travel expense accounting can be done either before or after the audit of the accounting statement (depending on your workflow). Our reliable, experienced employees guarantee a correct legal and fiscal audit. Numiga Managed Service also offers payout of travel costs directly to your employees.

Of course, Numiga Managed Service supplies your ERP-system with the related accounting records for your financial bookkeeping and also for your wage and salary system. The integrated reporting supplies the data for your travel bookings and the travel expense accounting and makes it possible for you to monitor the entire travel costs of your company.

Your advantages at a glance

Numiga Managed Service

  • Individual service
  • Personal, reliable contact
  • Administration and maintenance of hardware and/or software
  • Release management, updates of operating systems and data bases
  • Technical and professional system setup
  • Transaction-based compensation instead of licencing costs or user fees
  • Cost savings through a pre-configured system
  • Cost savings through outsourcing of know-how-intensive activities
  • Professional and reliable auditing process
  • Support for all system users through our highly skilled user help desk
  • Payout directly to the traveller
  • No changes in media; instead always consistent and reliable data
  • (Individual) interface files for simplified and correct bookkeeping
  • Extensive reports and analyses

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Numiga Managed Service is the full service for the end-to-end system connection. Through the option of integrating various online booking engines (OBEs) and the connection to individual ERP-systems, the complete travel management process is represented.

System provision and maintenance

  • System provision We provide you with the entire technical infrastructure as well as the application software: a certified and secured data centre, failsafe hardware, up-to-date versions of our operating systems, redundant and secured databases, data communication equipment, etc.
  • System setup Numiga will set up the system according to your individual requirements and needs - considering the legal and fiscal regulations and the country-specific regulations of law. This means all per diems, processing rules, process workflows, etc.
  • System administration We administrate the system for you - either unsolicited (i.e. if per diems change) or according to your requests (i.e. if there are new processing rules).
  • System operations Numiga operates the system for you. With that we bear responsibility for the agreed availability and unrestricted and impeccable functionality of the technical infrastructure as well as the application software used.
  • System maintenance and servicing The maintenance and service of the technical equipment and the application software is also our responsibility. We take care of the technical inspections, the operating system and database updates as well as release and change management.

Auditing The travel expense accounting will be audited by the experienced Numiga employees. Our experts for Numiga Managed Service are specialised in the fields of travel expense accounting, bookkeeping as well as legal and/or fiscal regulations. We customise the auditing process individually.

Payout After submission of a corresponding payment file to the bank, Numiga can pay the travel expenses directly to the traveller or provides interface data to perform the payout yourself. Interfaces are provided in customisable standard formats. This takes the load off your bookkeeping and the travellers receive reimbursement for their travel costs quickly.

Booking We offer accounting and payroll interface files in various standard-file formats for booking travel expense accounting. Of course we can provide you with customised or individual interfaces.

Reporting Numiga provides a variety of standard reports. Thanks to system integration and integrated processes, all travel booking and travel expense accounting data can be considered. So its easy for you to monitor the entire travel management process.

Interface management Numiga offers a variety of standardised interface formats. For example to import your master data, export booking data into your ERP and payroll system as well as for payout data to credit institutes. We can also develop individual formats for you according to your specifications.

Trainings Numiga offers user trainings in the field of OBE (Online Booking Engines) and TEA (Travel Expense Accounting). Trainings can be booked as on-site training, preferably as on-the-job training. As an alternative, online trainings are possible. On the basis of real user cases, we present possible solutions and train you in operating the system. Our qualified trainers are always experienced practitioners who speak our customers’ language and understand their problems.

User help desk Our user help desk support (UHD) guarantees a successful and professional use of the employed travel management system. We solve more than 80 % of all requests within the first contact. Numiga’s user help desk provides assistance with online bookings, travel expense accounts and credit card use, clarifies questions concerning company guidelines, supports in technical problems, etc.

VAT Reclaim

Reduce your business travel costs and recover the VAT (Value Added Tax) paid in other European countries.  

Our experts will assist you. We offer you full-service, so that you reclaim the maximum amount of your VAT.

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