With Numiga Self Service you handle the travel expense accounting process on your own. We take care of the necessary infrastructure and provide, maintain and administrate the systems. Through customised trainings, your employees are always up-to-date.

Numiga Self Service – The right service for you!

With Numiga Self Service you keep unrestricted control of your travel expense accounting, while we supply the entire technical infrastructure and provide ongoing system operations. Numiga carries out all necessary updates: reliably, quickly and as scheduled. We will provide you with legally mandated modifications at the date they take effect.

Our experienced trainers will skilfully instruct your employees how to work with the systems, in case of extensive expansions as well when legally mandated modifications occur. This makes sure that you constantly comply with legal requirements.

Numiga reliably takes care of technical issues, changes in law and adjustments to tax regulations – you only need to deal with the accounting, preserving your company’s entire know-how.

Travel expense accounting with Numiga Self Service

With Numiga Self Service you can handle your entire travel management process independently in an integrated, reliable system environment. We provide the entire technical infrastructure and implement all necessary legally mandated modifications regularly. This service suits for national and international travel expense accounting.

With Numiga Self Service you generate your travel expense accounting online or mobile. Integrated workflows easily guide you through the entire process. If you decide on a complete system integration, booking data will be automatically available for your travel expense accounting after the trip. They only need to be updated and amended, e.g. with the itinerary.

You audit the travel expense accounts by yourself. Numiga supports you through targeted trainings, for example when legal and fiscal framing conditions change or when essential system components are expanded. This keeps your knowledge constantly up-to-date and your accounts are always in compliance with legal and fiscal regulations. Ultimately, we supply your ERP-system with the corresponding accounting records for your financial bookkeeping, wage and salary system.

Your advantages at a glance

Numiga Self Service

  • Individual service
  • Personal, reliable contact
  • Administration and maintenance of hardware and/or software
  • Release management, updates of operating systems and databases
  • Technical and professional system setup
  • Transaction-based compensation instead of licensing costs or user fees
  • Cost savings through a pre-configured system
  • Cost savings through outsourcing of know-how-intensive activities
  • Your entire travel expense accounting know-how is preserved
  • Autonomous and independent processing and auditing of travel expense accounting
  • Unrestricted control of travel expense accounting as well as all processes
  • Regular trainings through trainers with practical experience
  • No changes in media - always consistent and reliable data
  • Standardised or individual interface files for simplified and correct bookkeeping

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Numiga Self Service provides the technical and professional requirements for realising an end-to-end travel management workflow. The entire travel process is represented through the integration of various OBEs (online booking engine) and the connection to individual ERP-systems.

System provision and maintenance

  • System provision We provide the complete technical infrastructure as well as the application software: a certified, secured data centre, failsafe hardware, latest versions of the operating system, redundant and secured databases, data communication equipment, etc.
  • System setup The system will be set up according to your individual requirements, considering legal and fiscal regulations and country-specific provisions of law – thus all per diems, processing rules, process workflows etc.
  • System administration We administrate the system: either unsolicited, if per diems change, or according to your wishes, for example when there are new processing rules.
  • System operation Numiga operates the system for you. So we bear responsibility for agreed availabilities and fault-free functionality - both of the technical infrastructure as well as the application software used.
  • System maintenance and service We maintain technical equipment and application software, e.g. technical inspections, operating system and database updates, release and change management.

Interface management Numiga provides a variety of standard interface formats to import your master file data, export booking data into your ERP and payroll system and submit payout data to credit institutes. All formats can customised or individually developed according to your specifications.

Trainings Numiga provides user trainings for OBE (Online Booking Engines) and TEA (Travel Expense Accounting). Trainings will be held in case of a system introduction, when significant legal changes or modifications of content occur or when additional system components are introduced. This keeps your know-how always up-to-date and makes sure that your accounting statements comply with legal and fiscal regulations.

Our trainings for users and administrators take place as on-site trainings or online. Our qualified trainers show real cases to present solutions and train how to use the system. All instructors have practical experience in travel expense accounting, bookkeeping and fiscal law, speak our customers’ language and understand their problems.

VAT Reclaim

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Our experts will assist you. We offer you full-service, so that you reclaim the maximum amount of your VAT.

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